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Doc Bryce Mornings 6 to 9


     Having officially started his career during summer 1987, Doc will tell anyone that he was just doing what came naturally to him, showing off! He went on the air that summer at KTLR 107.1 Country Stereo Favorites and spun his first 45’s.  Doc has a very huge knowledge of music genres from Country, Classic Rock, Top 40, Adult Contemporary, to Pop/CHR.

     Though Doc started radio in Country & Western format back in the late 80’s, Doc made the switch over to News/Talk Radio where he has become extremely versatile in both Music and News/Talk formats. combining the knowledge of news/talk and music has brought a unique quality that he shares with everyone on his team. Doc says “Branding is everything, but it ends with the final product.” Doc also adds, “Programming is the last line of defense to make sure the product goes over the air at it’s best!”

     Doc Bryce has worked radio as producer, production director, host, co-host, news, and traffic in the Dallas Market since 1995, before leaving for Hot Springs Arkansas, in 2005 to engineer a 5 cluster station.

          While Doc has remained in Hot Springs, he was tapped for engineering duties by Broadcast Works to assist with engineering of multiple stations across Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. From working on air, transmitters, and studio builds, Doc will tell you “I’m like three employees rolled in to one at a single cost!”.

      Doc Bryce’s experience in Market 5 as well as unranked markets has given Doc a diverse knowledge of broadcast radio. He has worked hard to wear as many hats possible not only to learn other positions in a station, but to be a team player and do what it takes to get results for the success of his team.

     Doc Bryce influences vary from different imaging guys and programmers across the country, but one person that Doc will mention by name is is Gordon McLendon. Doc can still be heard saying and practicing McLendon’s philosophy of the three B’s of radio.

Be Informative 

Be Entertaining


Be quiet


     Doc doesn’t like being called a DJ.  I asked Doc, if you’re not a DJ, then what is it that you do?  Doc’s reply was simple and quick.  “I entertain”. Doc sees himself more as an entertainer , but his style on the mic is like he’s talking to friends.



JJ through the Mid Day

Make The Switch Like So Many Others Have!
10am to 2pm
 J.J. is here on K97!

Terry Ayers - 2 to 6 Every Weekday

Terry Ayers began his broadcasting career over 30 years ago in his home town , Ada, Oklahoma.  Ada is a nestled in the rolling hills of south central Oklahoma and is home to such notable country musicians as Charlie Archer, lead guitarist for the late Conway Twitty, David Gant, leader of Garth Brooks band, Stillwater, Dwayne O’brien, vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Little Texas, and most recently country superstar, Blake Shelton. “It’s something in the water we get to drink from our underground spring  called Byrds Mill”, says Ayers with an ever present twinkle in his eye.“

Terry Ayers is no stranger to the music  industry himself. During the 1990’s Terry and his wife , Trisha along with fellow band mate, Frederic Boyle recorded an album of country classics featuring country legends, Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, and Boots Randolph. The album entitled, “Nashville Transit”, featured their jazz vocal group, TRIAD, and was a critical success. They subsequently went toured worldwide for the next decade until deciding to settle outside of Nashville and raise a family. They now have three beautiful daughters which Ayers has been working in the recording studio with over the few years.

In the 1980’s, Ayers lived in Los Angeles recording and touring with Laura Branigan. He also recorded and produced many notable acts during that decade including Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Melissa Etheridge.

“I certainly have come full circle” say Ayers, after returning to his broadcasting roots in 2014. Ayers is proud to be a part of the Y95 broadcasting family.