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The purpose of this EEO Public File Report is to comply with Section 
73.2080©(6) of the FCC’s EEO Rules. This Report has been prepared on behalf of Radio Works, Inc. that is comprised of the following stations: KCXY-FM licensed in East Camden Arkansas, KMGC-FM licensed in Camden, Arkansas, KAMD-FM licensed in Camden Arkansas and KBEU-FM licensed to Bearden, Arkansas. and and is required to be placed in the public inspection files on these stations, and posted on their websites, if they have websites.   

The information in this report covers the time period beginning on February 1, 2021 to and including January 31, 2022.   
Radio Works, Inc. consists of the following Commercial Radio Stations:  
KCXY-FM Facility ID 23279 
KAMD-FM Facility ID  8469 
KMGC-FM Facility ID 29780 
KBEU-FM Facility ID 191500 

EEO Narrative Statement 2022 
The Radio Works family of Radio Stations, KCXY, KAMD, KBEU and KMGC, seek to notify the public about job openings through multiple means including: 
Any job openings within the Radio Works family of radio stations, KCXY, KAMD, KBEU and KMGC, are posted on the station’s web site. 
Any job openings within the Radio Works family of radio stations, KCXY, KAMD, KBEU and KMGC are advertised on KCXY, KAMD, KBEU and KMGC. 
Area colleges and universities are contacted in regard to any job opening including those with a large minority enrollment. 

Job openings are listed with the Arkansas Broadcasters Association and Arkansas Workforce. 

The Radio Works family of radio stations, KCXY, KAMD, KBEU and KMGC, feel that using these and other methods to ensure a broad and inclusive outreach that our applicant pool reflects the gender and racial make-up of our area. 

EEO Public File Report 
For the 12-month Period Ending January 31, 2022 
Prepared by: Radio Works, Inc 

As per the payroll period ending January 31, 2022, radio stations KCXY, KAMD, KBEU and KMGC had a total of 7 full time employees and 1 part-time employee. 
Seven (7) full time positions consisting of:  One (1) General Manager/ Sales Associate (one (1) white female), two (2) sales workers/ on air personalities (two white males, two (2) office workers (1 white male, handicapped and one (1) white female) One (1) Professional/On air personality (one (1) white male) and (1) Telemarketer (one (1) white female) One (1) part-time position consists of One (1) Board Operator (One (1) white female)

There were no hires in 2021. 

Radio Works, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  
General Manager, Helen Aregood is responsible for EEO compliance for Radio Works, Inc.  
Radio Works, Inc. is located at 612 Fairview Road, Camden Arkansas 71701. Contact the station at 870-836-9567 or 612 Fairview Road Camden, AR 71701 or via email: for more information.  
Report submitted Helen Aregood, General Manager, Radio Works, Inc. 

Name of Respondent: Radio Works, Inc

Typed Name: Helen Aregood
Title: General Manager
Telephone Number: 870-836-9567